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Kelly, April and Alleke Crull

Photo of the CrullsKelly and April Crull and their daughter
Alleke are church planters with Christian
Associates International in Madrid, Spain.

In the past four years, Kelly and April helped start two churches in Madrid.  Currently they work with Oasis Madrid church, a new church in the city center. 

Besides the shared work of church planting (leading small groups, mentoring, and planning services and social events), Kelly’s role on the Oasis Madrid team is to give guidance to church members who are working
on social justice projects.  “We
want to be the tangible and visible presence
of Christ in our city,” Kelly says.

When April is not taking care of Alleke, she plans to volunteer as an intercultural mediator in the city.

Spirituality in Europe

European CoupleHundreds of years ago the Reformation
transformed Europe.  The Bible was translated into common language.  Missionaries were sent out around the world. But that was a long time ago.  Now most Europeans experience the church only as a structure, a form void of real substance, a place where tourists wander. God is still present in Europe.  Europeans themselves are spiritually hungry, yet they look everywhere but the church for spiritual nourishment.  Less than 5% of Europeans attend church, and in the last century, the rate of Christian growth in Europe has been the lowest in the world.  Europe may be our greatest mission field as we enter the 21st century.

Oasis Madrid Church

Friends from Oasis MadridWe are a Christ-centered community that helps people follow Jesus.

How do we engage Europeans?
Relationships - co-workers, soccer buddies, classmates...we love our city.   Social justice - meeting practical needs of the impoverished in our neighborhoods.   Community - our church is our family, bringing Jesus into the center of all aspects of our lives.

How does our community follow Jesus?
Our small groups provide an informal setting for discussing our lives under the lens of Scripture.  Our network of mentors and our discipleship program challenge each person to God’s unique calling in her or his life in the context of community.  Our services are a place for teaching and  worship.

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